The Faked VR

The Faked VR is a Google Cardboard app, that you can download from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. It is a virtual reality app that requires VR goggles and uses your phone’s screen to simulate the virtual reality. The VR goggles can either be made by hand at home from cardboard or you can buy one online.

The Faked VR app allows you to explore a world from OpenSimulator in virtual reality without the need of downloading the PC-client or registering for an account.
The world you explore is part of an art exhibition, that is part of the biggest art exhibition on the Internet, the WRONG biennale.

In the VR application you can explore the virtual world, you move, fly and teleport around just by moving your head. You can select different movements from a navigation bar by focussing on a button for a short while.

A snapshot from the app with the navigation bar shown on screen.

How the Faked VR was made

The Faked VR app got developed after discovering a tool by Fumi Iseki, Austin Tate, Daichi Mizumaki and Kohe Suzuki, the tool allows users to easily convert an OpenSimulator world file (OAR) into a collection of DAE files. These DAE files can be used by various editing tools, including the Unity game engine. When we found out about the qualities of Google Cardboard we thought about combining them both to bring an OpenSimulator world to VR via mobile phones.

In the development of the app an OpenSimulator world was converted into files for Unity game development. After importing these files to Unity we explored different ways for the Cardboard user to explore the world. We decided to develop a navigation tool, that lets users navigate freely using only their head movement, as it is less practical to also use other input when developing for Google Cardboard. Users can choose to fly and walk around or use a teleport to a predetermined location. By focusing on a button on their navigation bar the users can select and change their preferred action.

This is a screenshot of the moment the user chooses to walk (W).