On this page you will see a few guides I wrote about the creation of “The Faked VR” and Google Cardboard apps in general.

List of Guides:

  1. How to convert an OAR to DAE files
  2. How to import DAE files from the OAR-converter in Unity
  3. How to use DAE files for Android Cardboard in Unity
  4. Cardboard Fast-Track
  5. Signing Oculus GO apps with Unity Version 2018.3.14
  6. Oculus GO shortcut

Guides 1 and 2 deal with converting and importing an OAR from OpenSimulator to Unity. This process makes use of a tool by other researchers and provides some tips and tricks for Unity.

Guide 3 explains the process of creating a Google Cardboard app and my navigation system.

Guide 4 provides interested developers with a free UnityPackage, that includes my navigation system and assets for convenient use.