Cardboard Fast-Track

For anyone that wants to start right ahead in Cardboard development with Unity I made a unitypackage, that serves as a good stepping stone for developers. You can download the unitypackage below. The package contains a Unity-Scene with everything necessary for Android Cardboard development. You just need to insert your own objects into the scene to get a cool looking Cardboard app.

The scene contains a player object, that controls the camera and processes the user’s head movement. The player object simulates the user in the scene and let’s the user explore the world with the different movement modes (flying, fast-flying, walking, standing and teleporting) described in other articles.

The player object

Furthermore the scene contains a few other things to make it more immersive and lively from the start on. This includes a skybox and a water object, that works in Cardboard VR.

Using the Unitypackage

When you have the package downloaded, create a new Unity project using Unity 2018.3.14f1 and import the unitypackage by navigating to Assets\Import Package\Custom Package in the main menu. Then select all objects to be imported.

Navigate to the Scenes folder in your project’s Assets folder. Double-click on navigationBarScene, you will then have a prepared scene with a skybox, a PlayerObject, a water object and all necessary prefabs from the Google VR package. Everything in the scene is ready for Cardboard VR, you can add your own objects and more into the scene and export it for Android Cardboard or Daydream.

The content from my unitypackage
Make sure to add Cardboard VR in XR Settings in Player Settings when you build an Apk for Cardboard

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